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Lilly-Anne Issa is an administrative professional with years of experience to help you with your office needs
and relieve the pressures of day-to-day office tasks.

“Working as an administrator for many years was an enjoyable experience and
the knowledge of working in the office environment always stuck with me.”


Official Paperwork provides Virtual Assistance and Training Services for personal and business needs.


What is a Virtual Assistant and what are the benefits of hiring a VA?


A Virtual Assistant performs administrative tasks akin to those of an executive assistant or secretary, and on an ad hoc basis.
Outsourcing your administrative needs to a VA allows you to do what you do best – manage your business.


These are the benefits of hiring a VA:


1. Virtual assistants take on those every day essential tasks you don’t have time for,
you’re too busy growing your own business and wearing all the others hats you have to wear

2. You don’t need to spend any money or time on employee training

3. A VA has the skills that you don’t have time to learn

4. Savings are made as you outsource work to a VA when you need it.



 Why training in Microsoft Word and Excel is important


Are your vital reports and spreadsheets produced in Microsoft Word and Excel?
It might be worth then investing some time and money to getting to know these programs.
Knowing the ins and outs of these programs cuts the time in creating reports and spreadsheets
and boosts our business’ overall productivity.


Turning to a VA also means you save on paying for
expensive workshops or sending staff to offsite training sessions,
and assistance is always available.

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